Hello there, human.

My name is Mariam Q. Evidently (from this blog) you can see that I LOVE reading and writing. These are my hobbies (besides being a Drama Queen). I have so many favourite books and authors but the most favourite would be J. K. Rowling and the Harry Potter series (they got me into reading books, to be quite honest). I adore owls, they are so cute! I am a person who survives on coffee because without it I would be dead (figuretively for it keeps me going throughout the day and gives me some tolerance). I am obsessed with chocolate and french fries, two irresistible guilty pleasures of mine (even if I am aspiring for a healthy lifestyle, I can’t stop eating those!)

I am extremely OCD with my room and books and I keep tidying up everything, yet, I seem to fail to be organised in my assignments for university…ironic, heh! I am currently studying Communication – Converged Media. I love studying history and literature. That’s it, nothing else.

I will share my writings, reviews and random chats and hopefully you share your own thoughts and enjoy it!

Thank you human for stumbling upon my blog, I congratulate you!

P.S: my favourite quote of all time would be from The Fault in Our Stars by John Green: “My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations.

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