Postcard Odyssey #10: Rain

Gold Coast

August 2014 


The city of golden sun rays and white shores it was. I always woke up to an amazing view of the sea. Today was different. A brooding cloud, as large as Russa itself, hung low on the city of Gold Coast. I sat by my bed and stared at the view.

The colors were dimmed and the sea was suddenly calm. I could hear the howl of the wind through my almost opened window. Then it began, the sorrowful song of the gloomy grey cloud.  Its tears knocked my windonw in a constant beat. The droplets hung dearly on the glass before sliding away.

The room was filled with a queer smell, it was light just like the droplets and cold just like the wind. It was as if I was wrapped in a cloud myself. The room had another feel, I was detached from the world. I felt calmness seep into me, the melody of an anguished sky playing outside.

I loved the rain, it washed me away into peaceful numbness.

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