Write a Book in 10 Days


There’s always a story cooking up in your head but they don’t alway survive to make it on paper! This challenge is for the person whose mind is always scrambled with ideas yet never got to plan it out. The drive of this challenge is spontaneity.

“Let it be the first thought in the morning, the last thought in midnight, surrender to the idea, and forget life for 10 days”

This shouldn’t be planned at all. The first topic that comes to your mind. You should surrender to your muse and that’s it. You don’t think too much about the plot or character and write. Write and let your characters lead you and your story flow out without you cutting its edges, yet.

The rules are easy:

1- Choose a topic (you can write poems, short stories, thoughts, anything you want!)
2- Have your laptop ready
3- Keep a logbook of your process
4- Share with a friend
5- Invite anyone to write with you
6- 150 pages is your goal!

If you are up for this challenge we will be starting on 22nd of Jan, 2015 and using the hashtag #10DaysofWriting. This can help you break through your creative block and risk it for once. This is purely for the fun of it! Let your curiosity spiral and let your fingers write!

It’s unplanned.
We don’t know where we’re heading…
All of us, together..
But we’ll get there, hand by hand..
In the those 10 days!

We will be creating a group for the challenge and you have until 21st of Jan to join us and if you do join please contact us on twitter: @mimieq_ or @rabuazzah_.

Note that you can write in either English or Arabic.

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