Postcard Odyssey #8: Wanderlust


Wanderlust, that deep rooted desire to fling your wings against the air and wander. That deep thirst to be outside that boxy enclosure you live in. Yet, we see stamps are framed, limited but they get to travel on their own kind of wings, they get to be the guardian angels of letters. They get to be a badge of honor on the chests of envelopes. Does that mean you can only explore by traveling? Expand your meaning of exploring, that wanderlust shouldn’t be edged by plane tickets and cold airplane food. Its the books that fill your room, the pictures you collect in your scrapbook and the outdated letters sent back and forth. The curiosity stems from within, the need to know how the world clicks and clanks and that shouldn’t be hidden.

Your phone is your plane now, the world is within your fingertips and grab that opportunity by the reigns. Now that you know you can travel, even from your chair in your room, go do it. Collect, search, read and imagine. Create scraps of papers, words and pictures. Imagine you are traveling, with your mind. Let your creativity have fun, you need it.

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