Where was he?

As usual, she sat by the window waiting. She sat looking out at a wet world, a gloomy dreary world, just trying to find him. Was he lost between the howls of the wind? Was he trapped in the avalanche of thundering rain? Was he caged in a cold winter that prevented him from ever reaching her?

She rested her forehead on the cold window and shivered as the coldness seeped into her. A hazy breath escaped her lips fogging the glass with longing and broken vows.

Where was he? Was he forever lost in torn passages of an unforgiving life?

Where was he?

A question asked, somewhat in the beating quietness of the night and the hopes of tomorrow. Just a question that continued to graze the corners of her maddened heart and sorrowful mind.

Where was he? she whispered, as her lashes gave away to a kiss of eternal sleep.

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