Postcard Odyssey #6: Flâneur


My dear adventurous friend, one who strolls aimlessly along the edges of the universe with no limits, observing the stars and skies. My dear flâneur is what you are. I so admire your sense of longing for what’s beyond the walls of your room, for that big road trip of your life. I so admire your fiery soul that thirsted for the excitement of an adventure beyond your wildest dreams. I write to you in hopes that my words, for a day, take you on a road trip of sorts. In a sense of the word, it is a road trip but not the one you desire the most. I hope one day I get to whisk you away from the world and travel across borders and cities.

Imagine you are ready, packed and all and the car is waiting. You shut out the world, plug into your inner senses and mind. No matter how mundane it sounds, this is a road trip for your soul, to soar higher than ever. Imagine you are in your favorite spot, I know its between the nebulas of the space, and you are infinite. You touch the sky and send a ripple through its very fabric, awakening a sleeping beauty from its slumber. Imagine riding the tides to the deepest part of the ocean. You are down there unraveling its secrets, ravishing in its treasures. Imagine you are hiking in the greenest forest your eyes have ever seen, so green it sets your mind on ease.

This might be one ludicrous road trip but one day, if I may, you’d sail the seven seas and see all continents, my dear flâneur.

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