Postcard Odyssey #4: A Fleeting Moment


“What do you think of when you hear the word love?”

I remembered that beautiful incident in the city of fairy lights. It was a chilly morning, tufts of pure white clouds glided innocently across a pink sky. I just exited my apartment and was walking on the familiar brick road towards my favorite bakery. On the way, there were houses lined up beside each other like lego blocks, all in vibrant colors. Trees adorned the spaces between each turn, bend and sign. There were so many pretty smelling flowers and bushes the whole place was more than alive, it was beating, breathing a new sense of wonder in me. Today was different, the world was in high quality, it was sharp and I felt lighter than ever. As I got closer to the bakery, the smell of macaroons, fresh baked croissants and donuts engulfed me. I was so accustomed to the smell I felt I was finally where I belong. The bell sounded as I pushed the door to enter the bakery. The place was washed in golden light, it was small and cozy. I ordered my usual, chocolate croissant with mocha and settled into my favorite spot; a table at the very corner of the bakery, beside the window that overlooked the street. I took out my notebook and began sketching. I loved drawing people, places and things. Today was especially gorgeous and I wanted to capture the beauty of it in a drawing.

That was when I saw him. When my eyes met his. The beautiful little incident. He was walking into the bakery when he bumped into the door, hitting his head so hard it sent me into a fit of laughter. He grimaced at my outburst and continued his way to the cashier as if nothing happened, he ordered and sat on a table across mine. I turned the page into a blank one and started sketching his soft features, his concentrated expression, furrowed eyebrows, pressed lips. I was so absorbed in spilling all his details onto paper because I was scared I will forget how looked like, a warm breeze in a chilly morning. I was so into the drawing, I jumped when I heard a knock beside me. He was standing outside with the biggest grin I have ever seen. He mouthed a thank you, tapped his hat and left. It was just like a fleeting moment when the sun would hide behind the clouds for a few seconds and peek again. One moment he was there, my warm breeze and then the other, he was gone. In a sense, it was not love but a fleeting moment of that kind of feeling.

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