Postcard Odyssey #3: Memoir Bags


He was sick of waking up to the same routine. Breakfast at 8.30: eggs, sausages and tea with milk. Then he would sit and read. He was an old man and he lived alone in an old house. That day he decided to break his banal routine and went to his abandoned study. He set his tea down on his desk. He turned to face a large shelf. Instead of books, it was filled with so many bags of different sizes, shapes and colors. Each was labeled and had a date.

1965 – India
1984 – South America
1995 – Europe

Each bag held a memory, a souvenir of that place. He pulled a bag thats label was empty and opened it.

Dear Alfred,
When I am gone, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t travel to finish our collection. Don’t stop being the brave dreamer I always knew.

He closed the bag. He stopped traveling after his wife’s death. She was his only companion.

The tea stayed forgotten on the desk whilst an empty spot in the shelf was collecting dust.

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