Postcard Odyssey (Writing Project)


This project is called Postcard Odysseys, just another writing exercise which I came up with when I bought a stack of postcards titled “Summer Odyssey”. The rules are fairly easy:

1- Get a stack of postcards from anywhere (I got mine from Paperchase) it should preferably have pictures of places/things.
2- You can use the amount you want starting from 10 postcards (1 per day).
3- Pick randomly (for each day) and write the first thing that comes to your mind when you see the picture on the postcard: it can be a short story, paragraph or a poem.
4- Post it on twitter/instagram with the title “Postcard Odyssey #1: (Your own title)” and so on. Plus, hashtag it with #pcodyssey (or you can post it to your blog too)

Anyone who wants can participate! Imagine the places you are going to travel to using these postcards!

تستطيعون أيضاً الكتابة باللغة العربية و تستخدمون: #رحلة_ببطاقة_بريدية

Note: You can include dates (its optional). There is no set deadline, you can start whenever and finish whenever you want. You don’t have to write daily (its also optional).

If you are going to participate, please share with me your twitter/instagram/blog

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