Wrong Footsteps

Prompt: “You do not learn anything by doing everything right.”

Well, have you heard about someone
Who took his first steps without falling?
I certainly haven’t heard of such a thing
I also haven’t heard of learning from right
Because we mostly learn from wrong
We learn from our falling, our crumbling
We learn from our mistakes, our tumblings
We learn from taking the opposite path
And returning the the right one
We learn from scabbing our knees on the curb
For riding the bicycle in the wrong way
We learn from our first failure
For ignoring to study the other day
We don’t learn if we strive for perfection
For we came from imperfection
That was why, we did the wrong
To learn about the right and appreciate it
To learn that no matter how many times you fell
You get back on your feet again and fight

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