New Year, New You

I don’t write this to show that I am a know-it-all or a posh writer but I can be the medium between the reader and his thoughts that he can’t seem to be able to translate them. I maybe a talented writer but I don’t write for attention, I write to reach people, to inspire them and to be the voice of many unheard. Thus, writing this post.

This year might be an eye opener to many. It might be a year of fall outs, a year of broken hearts and diminished friendships. Yet, that was not new. It was not new you stop being friends with someone. It was not new you have several occasions where you were hurt. Nothing of it was new. It was a repetitive cycle. This was the book of your life. Every year it was a blank new chapter and you were the writer, the one who held the pencil and the one who had the eraser.

All those scribbles of 2014, the blotches of ink, the crossed out memories, the torn pages and tear-wet pages. Before you leave that chapter behind you, pick out the best of those memories. Pick the ones that made you smile, the ones that made you stronger, made you braver and made a better version of yourself. Those memories were the ones you should carry with you to the new year.

Forget your grudges, all the painful memories, all the things that put you down. Imagine yourself like a garden, you were plucking the weed out, tending to your flowers and making yourself beautiful again. You were like a garden waiting for the sunshine after the long rain. That was what you were. Many things happened to you, but what mattered most was what you came out of 2014 with. What did you learn?

I learned that my dreams and goals were the beacon of my identity. I learned that I should be selfless without expecting anything from anyone. I learned that people don’t change, they merely grow up and go on their own separate ways. I learned that instead of looking at others, I should look at myself and always try to better myself.

I don’t regret anything that happened in 2014 and you shouldn’t too. “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened”.

I ask Allah to grant you all and your beloved eternal happiness and I wish you walk into 2015 with a new purpose and a new you.

Best of wishes.

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