A Life Beyond Your Eyes

The forest is alive, not in the orthodox sense of being alive. You think that flowers continue to grow, trees continue to tower above the plants, moss slithers across the ground and they breathe life into the world. Not in that sense. If you look closely, in the nook of a tree trunk, you will see it. In the turning petals of a flower, in the rustling of leaves and in the rippling waves of a pond. You have to be silent, quiet and be one with the forest. Do not disturb it in order to see its other dimension. They will step out of their hiding place to greet you. They are friendly and they love to dance. The little chirping birds will create a melody that even you can’t resist dancing to. You will be wrapped with the smell of the forest, mossy and dewy. It is ancient, this forest you always visit. If you do look closely, there is a life beyond your ordinary eyes that only speaks to the wonder of your soul. This forest is full of secrets and it was your turn to unveil them now and to add new rings to the tree barks. Remember, to be quiet, so the forest will unfold its secrets for you.

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