The Possibility of Joy


  • “Even on the worst days there is a possibility for joy”

It is an exhausted topic, the fact that even in your worst day there is still hope. When a cloud of grey misery hovers above you, you still know there is a chance of being happy. It is not simple. Trying to withdraw yourself from dark thoughts and look for things to make you happy. I believe it is easier to be sad and angry, that is why happiness is rare. Yet, you can argue that happiness can be little things, a warm morning, a cozy sweater or even a book.

There is a saying in Arabic that says “A day for you and a day on you”. I believe that everyone suffers everyday, different types of sufferings but sufferings nonetheless. It makes you stronger, push forward in life and overcoming those obstacles makes you a better person.

However, joy is not limited to one thing. There are many things to be joyful about, your family, your friends, your belongings and happy events. Certainly, things that make people happy differ from one person to another.

For instance, I love cold, rainy mornings. They make the perfect weather for reading a book and drinking a warm cup of coffee. I love chatting with my friends and hanging out. I love writing and I try to integrated in my daily routine. It makes me happy to help people and make them smile. I try to do more of what makes me happy.

That’s why, even if you feel like you are overshadowed by a dark entity, look for those tiny little fireflies. Little by little, they would increase, tiny dots of lights to make the room brighter. Make other happy, it will fill you with a sense of happiness yourself. Don’t let that dark entity engulf you completely.

What are things that make you happy?

And remember “Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”

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