Velvet Fallacy

If I had to describe her
It would take me a trilogy
Maybe even a whole library
To put down in letters
How much she was heavenly
If a person reminded you
Of a glowing spring
Would you tread past without looking?
She brought down the world
In dreary colors when she walked
She made all of nature dull
She was all the flowers
And skies combined
I couldn’t look away
I wouldn’t
Her aura pulled me in
Then she gazed at me
Was all of me just looks
She smirked ironically
I was taken aback
She gazed again and told me
I have thoughts and ideas
I have a personality
I may look pretty but
Did you ask yourself
If I have depths beyond my beauty?
I was surprised, I was awed
Her voice was velvety
It was the very petals of a rose
I could feel my heart
Fluttering like a desperate bird
And she was the prison
No, not prison
She was the haven to that bird
I gazed at the doors of her spirit
And she gazed at mine
A little connectedness
A little spark and I was hers

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