Mind Palaces

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How to Build Your Own Mind Palace

A night conversation with my best friend about how our mind palaces would look like.

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“I’m too into my mind palace.”


To begin with, what does a mind palace mean and why is it used? Mind palaces are customised according to each individual’s liking and preferences. It is derived from an ancient Greek idea that the mind is far more better in memorising locations than facts do. Hence, a mind palace is used for memory storage. “Your palace is a memorisation of the layout of somewhere familiar to you filled with images which, by association, trigger your memory” (anotherboywholived, 2012).

I first got introduced to mind palaces from BBC’s Sherlock series and I was fascinated with it. The notion that the human mind is capable of doing something as great as that, to store so many memories (and have the ability to recall them) is absolutely phenomenal. Of course, I can’t deny that the human mind is amazing.

The mind palace is not a memory on itself, it is a memory aid. It helps you to remember important things more accurately and easily. You, usually, when you want to remember a task you would write on your hand or mark it somewhere. This is exactly what a mind palace is but it’s virtual, like entering a computer’s database filled with drawers that you go through to find what you need.


Now, why am I writing this post? Because I want to share this with you. Duh.

In my conversation with my best friend, that was the first time I had to think about my mind palace. What was it? I never got familiarised by it and I don’t know the process or the skill of retrieving memories through a mind palace. It is a bit intimidating and at the beginning all you think of is “I won’t be able to do that, I don’t think I am capable of it”. Yet, you are wrong.

I sat that night thinking of a layout for my own mind palace and chose the most comfortable place for me. That is vital when you try to imagine your own mind palace, choose a comfortable and familiar place.

I thought that my mind palace would be in a library, full of shelves and stacked with lots of books. The light would by hazy and dimmed and bean bags scattered across the ground. But it takes practice to be able to memorise how your mind palace looks like and then utilise it as a memory aid.

Now, what will your own mind palace be if you thought of having one?

To understand more about how mind palaces work and follow instruction to making one go to How to Build Your Own Mind Palace.tumblr_lxjj12pqQD1qeag6a

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