Will He Love Me?

Mother came and said
“He asked for you”
I gazed at her afraid
“Will he love me?”
Mother asked what I meant
And the words flowed out
“I mean will he love me
For myself, my flaws
Will he love me
For my spirit, my passions
Will he let me be myself
And he will adore me for that?
I am afraid that he will make me
He will make me change
And I don’t want that
I want him to love me
For my real essence
To let me be whatever
Whatever I dreamed to be
I am ready to give him all
My heart and my soul
I am ready to become
Everything he needs me to be
But Mother, will he love me for me?
Will he be able to tolerate
To handle what I am
And what I stand for?
I want him to understand
My passion for the things I do
I want him to be the reason
For these things I do
Yet, Mother
I am scared he wont be
The person I think he would be
I am afraid that the person I want
Is but a fragment of my delusions
And he might not exist
Will I ever find a man
Who is equal to my fiery soul?
A man who will be the frame
Of my dreams”
She embraced me and whispered
“He is out there, dear”
She said softly
“You just need to look really well
And wait
For he is somewhere out there
Looking for you too
Doesn’t have to be this one
Because you will end up
With the one you are meant to be with”

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