Unfurl Your Wings (In Reply to: Everyone Has Fears)

Everyone Has Fears

by Mahra Alhosani

“No thanks I’ll pass”

“I’d rather stay at home”

I feel much safer when I’m alone

People confuse me

They judge everything

Why can’t I just be me

“Everyone has fears”

As fragile as you might think you are

In you is a power, beyond all

Trickles of sweat adorn your hands

But that doesn’t make you weak

It makes you stand, in front of all

Has a mountain ever shivered

In a wind of fall?

Thunderstorms would destroy tress

Yet the mightiest would stand tall

Pluck your fears from your heart

It is time to let them go

It is time to part

I know you are scared

I know you feel caged

I know you hate what people say

But dear friend, unfurl your wings

Fly away, from your worries

From your sorrows

Words said by others will never

Define you

For your choices is what you are

You beautiful being filled with wonder

Love yourself and you will shine

Head my words that people will still talk

Yet my friend, you are brave

You are bold

Be as mighty as an ancient tree

As strong as a mountain

And light as a spring breeze

“Everyone has fears”

But the strongest of them all

Conquer their fears

2 thoughts on “Unfurl Your Wings (In Reply to: Everyone Has Fears)

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