The Foreign Floorboard

Look behind it all, the glittery facade, so you would see the truth. The harsh and unforgiving truth. I did not ask for it, I never did and I never want. I am a poorly being, weak and cowardly. I never asked people for anything for fear of being in debt to someone. It was impossible, almost cynical, denying the truth of our nature. Survival of the fittest, it was called. The strongest and most intelligent would survive. That wasn’t only the case, the most wicked and sly would also survive. The ones who would compromise and sacrifice. I didn’t see such a picture, I despised it. Sacrificing things I love, things I stand for, just merely for my selfish goals.

The room was quiet, you could almost hear the silence. The light penetrated through a lonely window on the ceiling, creating a mysterious hue across the wooden floorboards. The dust swirled around the air. The room was lonely and abandoned and empty. There was a small indentation on one of the floorboards. It looked suspicious, why would a floorboard seem foreign from all other floorboards?

Just like that, in this lonely world, a foreign floorboard existed. Different than everyone, unique to himself. When people’s thoughts were a straight line, his swiveled in patterns of loops and swirls. They looked at life in a default black and white view and his had little bit of color blotches around. He was special, but it was fading. The sparkle in his eyes, the colors and the swirls. They were being pushed into a boundary of sameness and banality.

I always thought that being different, being a foreign floorboard in a world of floorboards, was shameful. Then I knew I was wrong. That having individuality in a world driven by copying the dominant was not something to be ashamed of. The truth would hurt, it would sting and it would pull you back sometimes. To survive in this world, you ought to nod your head and agree to all nonsense blasted in your direction. But I refuse to be one of those, who follow brainlessly everything. I want to be myself, a better version everyday. I would live by and for my ideals and beliefs and I would love to see the world of these copycats try to stop me from doing so.

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