I know how utterly hard life can be. I know how emotions can take control of oneself and I know how difficult it is to bare the weight of the world on your shoulders. In the midst of all that chaos, is the quietness of peace. Remember to tug at the side of the blurry life, to find that peace.

Sometimes, people will try to break you, mould you and judge you. Sometimes, it is too much for you you just want to sink in your own despair and numb your feelings. Sometimes, you can’t help but look at the darkest parts of your life. Remember, those people are not stronger than you, so block them out. Step out from the shadows and learn to smile even when fate frowns upon you.

Look for those small things that make you happy and make life a little bit lighter.

O’ darling, don’t let anyone tell you you can’t achieve your dreams. Dream big, think big and act big and prove them all wrong. The cobblestones of life never stopped great people from achieving greatness.

You will get bored and even give up but what matters most, is you getting back on your feet and fighting! You are a warrior, dearest, you are a fighter, but first and foremost, a dreamer…

My dear, it pains me to see those tears cascade down your beautiful face. Your pain is my pain, so remember and always do, that I am your shield and I am the shoulder you cry on because you will always be a part of me and I will always stand against the whole universe just to see you smile again.

My dear, live life to its fullest and be a good spirit. Stars shine when darkness fall…

Yours eternally,


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