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To start with, I decided to collaborate with a fellow blogger, @FangirlFeels, for this project where she would guest on my blog. We first met on Twitter, for sharing the same interests and views on certain things. She is an avid reader and that was one of the first reasons we clicked. We both have passion for books, writing and fangirling about things we love!

Fangirl Feels is the blog that I will be featuring and it is a mixture of adorableness, wit and dedication. The effort and design put into it just blew me away! You get book hauls, reviews, wish-lists, top favourites, book photos, quotes and so much more! I especially love the book reviews because the outline of her reviews are fresh and fun (you don’t get bored!).

Here is my ultimate favourite review: Book Review: Paper Towns by John Green

And I loved her quotes page: Top 5 Favourite Quotes

Mahra, owner of Fangirl Feels, likes to refer to herself as a bibliophile, gamer, fangirl and a blogger. She is a sweet girl, a good supporter and a very, very, dedicated person to her blog (it is evident). She is a high school student, living in the United Arab Emirates. If you want a blog that talks straight to your fangirl spirit, then this is the one!

She doesn’t only talk about books but also anime! So, if you are an anime fan, you could follow her on twitter and spazz about anime characters and plots.

Mahra features her own writings and she writes beautiful, short poems. Her writing page.

This is by far my favourite of her writings:

Dark Sides

Kind hearts are dark inside
They never show us their other side
Behind that heart is broken promises and tears
Behind that heart it screams with fear
Searching for help in silence and peace
Nothing to harm, nothing to please
A secret place for hiding the past
Memories erased but still last
Dark sides are usual in every person
If ever shared gets them to prison

by: Mahra Alhosani

A bonus on her blog, is that she gives reviews for self-published authors (specific genres). You can gain traffic by featuring your self-published work on her blog.

What I also loved in her blog are the pictures she takes of books, so you can follow her on her instagram: fangirlfeelss

Follow her on twitter: @Awkwardboo

Follow her on goodreads: Mahra

Here are  a few of her recent posts:

What’s On My Wishlist #2

#BiblioFaves Tag By @BooksWithDylan

What’s happening on my blog?

Mahra has an amazing blog and you won’t regret following her! She is also an amazing friend and she is someone interesting to talk to about books (with her).

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