Alive Within Me~

The flowers swayed with the melodious wind as the sun set turning the place into a golden heaven.  I could feel the long grass brushing the sides of my gown when I treaded across the ground. The field spread beyond me into a beautiful grassland, that oscillated with the gorgeous aura and it was so angelically beautiful. The breeze wrapped around my body softly, tingling my skin and I could feel his presence in it. He was gone but not completely. His whispers mingled in the air itself, his smile portrayed by a clear blue sky and his presence was in the grass, flowers and all things beautiful. His touch was like the kiss of the sun on my skin, the entanglement of gust in my hair, the caress of petals on my gown and the warmth of the field.

I loved him with my very being, I loved him with the mellowness of the sun and its intensity, I loved all his edges and curves, his imperfections and flaws and he was perfect for me. He was so imperfectly perfect, he completed me. Once was said “the ones we love never truly leave us,” and they live, in our hearts and souls, in our actions and thoughts.

The rivers of memories of him flowed within my very essence. I loved him enough to keep him alive within me.

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