Harry Potter Returns with a BANG!

Rejoice Potterheads for Rowling has written a short story starring the older Harry Potter in her website, Pottermore! The short story is a gossip column written by no other than the snarky Rita Skeeter about the appearance of the Potters during the Quidditch World Cup. Not only does it star the Potters, but also almost all of Dumbeldore’s Army: the Weasleys, Luna Lovegood and the Longbottoms. The story peeks into their lives post to the Wizarding War and after the destruction of Voldemort. As usual, Rita delivers the news in her twisted way, scrutinising every single detail and also questioning everything and everyone’s motives. Let me just say that as much as I hate her, I really missed her misleading news and stories! I do not want to bore you with all the details, you can check it out (again) on Pottermore (and perhaps find the leaked piece on tumblr). I saw a lot of frenzy on twitter because of this piece and even renowned writers were excited for it. “JK ROWLING WROTE A NEW HARRY POTTER PIECE OH MY QUEEN HOW I WEEP TEARS OF JOY THIS DAY” – @TaherehMafi “J.K. Rowling writes new story about a 30-something Harry Potter” – @PublishersWkly There were so many reactions to the story and that led to Pottermore crashing when the story was released!

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