Eleanor and Park, the Story that Burst my Heart

Eleanor and Park



I began reading Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell and I was not amused. I felt the story was rigid and dull but for the sake of reading, I read it. Few chapters into the book, I started to enjoy it. When Eleanor’s life crossed Park’s path, that was when the REAL story began. I am not exaggerating when I say, I had so many feels, and I felt I might even burst with feels. It poked on your emotions; it revived things that weren’t there. I ignored all these facts people were talking about: it’s racist, historically not accurate but can’t people enjoy a story between two people who loved each other? Two people who are so different from each other fall so helplessly in love?

I couldn’t EVEN look at other facts. I just relished the book as a whole. It was really raw and fresh. I know I have been reading a lot of romance novels (Marian Keyes) but this one was different. They were in high school (Kind of closer to my age which I can relate to). They were both so different from each other; even their lives were completely the opposite. It was intriguing to see, how their love developed, what things they liked about each other and if they will stay together.

I even created a tiny playlist for this book because it was so cute. There are also other things I liked about it. How self-conscious Eleanor was about her weight at first but then she learned to embrace her body. To be quite honest, all stories I have read until now the main character has to be this perfect human with perfect physique and admirable popularity. This was the first time I ever read a book that was starring an imperfect girl with an imperfect life. It was real, as if plucked right out of life into a book.

I saw some people disregarding Rowell’s book for racism and whatnot. I don’t think they fully understood her choices in the book. So here are few links that you should totally read to see her side of things.

 Why is Park Korean?

 Is Eleanor fat? Or does Eleanor just THINK she’s fat?

P.S: It is so QUOTABLE and CUTE and MUSHY.

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