Thirteen Reasons Why I Liked This Book

Last night I finished reading Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher and I LOVED IT. It is about a girl who before she commits suicide, records a bunch of tapes and sends it to the people “responsible” for/ led to her own suicide. In the story, it was Clay who got them and listened to them. It is really a heart-breaking story.

Thirteen Reasons Why



 Reason #1: I liked the format of the book; how it was written. Hannah is telling her side of the story and Clay is saying his side simultaneously. He is also reacting to some of the things she says that he didn’t know.

 Reason #2: Suspense. The curiosity to know what each person did to her (especially Clay) and to know what reason drove her to that decision. I couldn’t put the book down because I just wanted to get to the end and know what happened to her.

 Reason #3: It shined a light on a person who was mistreated, manipulated and bullied. How complicated her feelings got, how desperate she was to be heard and rescued. She was driven insane by her own decisions and thoughts. It was really sad.

 Reason #4: It felt real and it evoked my feelings. It felt so real and I felt that I was with them. Like I was sitting with Clay and listening to the tapes and reacting to them! It made me wish so hard that I was there with them so I could’ve saved her.

 Reason #5: It was intriguing, truly captivating. I couldn’t put the book down. I read it in two days (which should’ve been one day but I was sick and I needed sleep). I never wanted it to end; I wanted to be wrong, that she might be alive but hiding. That she faked her death and then she was coming back for Clay but I was wrong.

 Reason #6: The one thing that broke my heart while reading this book is how hard Clay took her death. He missed her and his heart ached for her to comeback. I was beyond miserable for Clay; he broke my heart. His reactions were so heart wrenching!

Reason #7: I found the idea of the tapes creative. She used them to record her whole story, explaining everything and how she felt. Then writing a list of people who should receive these tapes (or else it will be revealed to the public).

Reason #8: This type of story was new to me, in a way. I never read a story about suicide or anything that tackled it in such a personal way. It was portrayed in a beautiful, sad story.

Reason #9: The writing itself was beautiful. Sometimes it was filled with a mocking sarcasm, or regret, or sadness. The author did not fail in the department of Let-Your-Readers-See-and-Feel-What-Your-Characters-Feel Department. He did not use too much metaphors or anything, it was straightforward and to the point.

Reason #10: I liked the cover. Yes, this is part of why I liked the book. I found the cover so interesting.

 Reason #11: I also liked the title. I mean what can you derive from it? There are so many answers to this question. It makes you want to read the book!

 Reason #12: I liked the Q&A with the author. I got an insight into what inspired him to write it and how he wrote it. It was interesting!

 Reason #13: How can I say it again? Oh yes…I LOVED THE BOOK. YOU GET 5 STARS!

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