Divergent Went Down Hill For Me!

Divergent. Where do I start? WHERE DO I START?

Well, this book has been amazing (I read it like two years ago) I give it 5 FREAKING STARS. A friend of mine nagged me that it is one of the best books she had ever read and that I had to read it. Surprisingly, I finished it in one day. If I finish a book in one day, IT MEANS THAT I LOVED IT!! I was so hooked I ignored all my schoolwork, locked myself up in my room and read it all. I loved, loved, loved it and I was psyched for the second book.

The second book came to be published but I did not get it. Later, my sister bought it and read it. Before I started reading it I thought, why not look at its reviews?

I was shocked. So many reviewers pointed out so many negative things in the book and I got so disheartened I did not read it. I am the type of reader who wouldn’t read a book that would ruin its image completely, I did not want Divergent’s image to shatter in my head at all. My sister said it was an “okay” book.

Then the third book was out, Allegiant. I got it for my sister and my best friend also got it. I did not read reviews nor was I going to read it. Then I get a review from my best friend telling me how HORRIBLE the ending was and then my sister came over and told me she wished she didn’t get it.

It was like the book fell down the hill. I do know the details of both books (even though I did not read them). I hated the fact the sequels went off course because I did really love Divergent.

Maybe you wont agree with the way I choose to read books by depending on people’s reviews. I know you’d say, “Maybe if YOU read it, YOU would like it”. Yet, when the majority is against it or condemn it I wont waste a penny on it.

P.S: Nevertheless, I ADORED the movie, although I am not too fond of the actress.


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