Marian Keyes: Yay or Nay?

I’ve so far read three of her novels and she is a best-selling author. That doesn’t mean I will like ALL her novels. I sometimes go a little bit mental and purchase all books by a specific author who I have come to like. In John Green’s case, I loved all his books without exception (regardless of what people say about his ‘the nerdy guy falls for the hot girl’ storyline).

However, there is one thing I found common between all her novels (the ones I have read) there is always this whining character that speaks too much to get a small point across to the reader (which can take decades to do so and by then the reader is bones in a grave).

So far I like 1/3 of her books. I read The Brightest Star in the Sky, Watermelon and The Other Side of the Story.

The Brightest Star in the Sky

4 stars

I enjoyed it immensely. I cannot explain how but I bought this book randomly because I found the cover interesting (I do that a lot). It was sitting on my bedside table for so long until I decided to finally read it. It was like a breath of fresh air, something new to my eyes and fun. There were so many hilarious parts and some sad parts. There was also a new concept in narrating (or maybe more like something unusual I haven’t expected) but I wont say what is it for I don’t like to spoil stories. The good thing was that all characters kind of balanced themselves: you get the creep, the loyal one, the miserable one, the whiny one, the unbelievably irritating one, the snarky one, the nice one and the wise one. So, I did not suffer much with the whining character, perspectives switched and it wasn’t first person.

Lindsay and Katie would have to be my favorite characters.

If I had to choose my favorite Marian Keyes novel, it will be totally this one!


2 stars


Let me just say that I suffered and suffered and pushed myself to finish this one. Knowing it was Keyes first novel, I expected something amazing…something genius! I was rather disappointed and especially with Claire. Throughout the whole entire book all I could think about was slapping her in the face and dragging her to her feet and shouting at her face “THIS IS LIFE! DEAL WITH IT!”

She was beyond agitating and she would drone on and on and on…infinitely! All she was going to say was something like “That is why I didn’t do [this] or [that]”! I couldn’t stand her at all and it kind of ruined the whole story for me. I was quite dissatisfied with the outcome of this novel.

The Other Side of the Story

3 stars

This book is like a sunny day followed by a couple of rainy days and then the sun is back. I mean by that that some parts are enjoyable, fast-paced and hooking and others are like CAN-I-GET-THIS-THING-DONE-WITH-ALREADY parts. Gemma Hogan reminded me a lot of Claire; it was Claire in another book but slightly a less annoying Claire. Surprisingly, I found myself liking Lily even though she made a huge mistake and took Gemma’s love and whatnot but I feel sorry for her. She went through a lot (in my opinion) and it is kind of sad. Jojo Harvey is another story; she was probably both Gemma and Claire put together in one completely gorgeous person. I don’t know why I keep finding characters in Marian Keyes’ novels that I just want to smack right out of the book for being annoying.

Overall, it is a little bit of fun read and has an insight into the world of writers, agents and publishers (which is interesting).

I would say this novel would probably be my last from Marian Keyes’ novels because after The Brightest Star in the Sky, I want to stop being disappointed by her other novels. I am not stating she is a bad author or writer, she is amazing and I love her. She is witty and funny and you might like her novels more than I do.

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