“How can I know who I am, until I find out who I was?”

An anonymous person once asked me on tumblr to create a story where Jack Frost crosses paths with Loki and this is what I came up with.

**Disclaimer: I do not own nor did I create the characters.


“How can I know who I am, until I find out who I was?”

He was sitting in a field, surrounded by violet grass and colorful Asgardian flowers. The wind ruffled his dark hair that framed his pale face, his green eyes were dim and solemn and his lips drawn into a deep frown. This was Loki’s usual hideout when he was upset from everything. He sat there until the suns set and the moons rose, until the dewy blue and yellow skies turned into black intermingled with purple skies. He never felt like he belonged here, in contrast to his brother, Thor. Almost all the time he felt left out, abandoned and lonely, so he’ll sit for hours and hours thinking whom he was and where did he really belong.

“It is always Thor this and Thor that!” He ripped some grass angrily and tossed it in the air. He was infuriated with his life. He wasn’t satisfied to the fact that they valued an arrogant prince who thought power and strength is more important than intelligence. He was at the peak of his frustration that day because he lost to Thor (again) in a combat.


It was a distant sound of a sad voice, rippling through the worlds and reaching him in his lair. In the deepest, coldest and darkest of caves he immerged. It was time to save another lonely kid, he thought to himself. He was as pale as the snow, his hair soft white, his eyes piercing blue and he held a magical staff with a G-shaped arch, resembling a shepherd’s crook. He wore tattered brown pants that reached right above his ankles and a blue, faded hoodie. He took out his cloak and wrapped it around himself.

Jack Frost felt the thick snow under his feet and tried to balance himself for a moment. He gathered all the power he can muster and kicked off the ground. He flew towards the sky and passed all planets to end up in a glorious, shiny globe of a world unknown to man. It had majestic buildings, a golden portal so big it was the size of a planet itself, and everything looked godlike.

He was awed for he never saw such rare beauty as he lightly landed in front of the gates of Asgard.


Loki strolled around the field, kicking at random pebbles as he passed by. He gazed up at the skies and lost himself, yet again, in his thoughts. He blinked after a while and he noticed something queer. Small, little white cotton-like dust fell form above; they felt cold and feathery against his skin. He extended his palm out and felt them in his hand. It was a weird sensation; it was his first time seeing this thing.

“Interesting isn’t it?” A floating boy said, startling Loki.

“Who are you?!” Loki asked “And what is all this?”

“My name is Jack Frost, this is snow,” Jack said. “And we’re gonna have a little fun!”

Out of nowhere, a big ball of snow hit Loki’s face causing him to fall into the ground that was now blanketed with a thick layer of snow. He was so startled he couldn’t move and then he thought why not join this strange Jack Frost in his little game and take his mind off things?

He sprang up and started throwing random fist-sized clump of snow at Jack. They played hide and seek, build forts and castles, threw some more snowballs and made angels on the ground. Loki didn’t remember the last time he laughed this hard or had this much fun!

“That was amazing!” Loki gasped for breath as he slumped on the soft ground.

“I told you!” Jack chuckled and lied down beside Loki.

They both were quiet for a moment, staring at the skies, the mingling of the colors, and the twinkling of the stars and the brightness of the moons.

“I long to know where I belong,” Loki whispered. “I don’t feel like I belong here.”

Jack sat up and gazed away seemingly lost in his memories.

“I don’t know how I became to be,” Jack said. “I don’t have any memory of my past. So, you are not alone Loki. Remember that.”

He got up, took his staff out and conjured a small bright light. It was a tiny, crystal snowflake. He grabbed Loki’s hand and slowly put the snowflake in the middle of his palm from him to see it.

“See here Loki,” Jack started. “You will never be alone again because I will leave a part of me with you, here in Asgard. If you ever feel alone or sad, come out here and throw this snowflake in the sky and snow will fall. Remember, wherever there is snow I will be there. And I know it is hard not knowing who you are or where you belong, but in the right time you will know. When the time comes, you will know what you are destined for.”

The snowflake and Jack’s kindness awed Loki for he never had a true friend. He smiled and waved at Jack as he flew away. Tears of joy caressed his face and he tucked the little snowflake away.

He never had to feel alone ever again…






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