Limited in Books

Lately, I have been frustrated with the limitations I find in books. I usually enter bookshops and find so many interesting novels but nowadays I can see the same book over and over again, the difference is only with the authors, characters and cover. I feel they are all the same, in a way. I even stopped going to the YA sections because it only harbours vampire, werewolf and dystopian novels. These genres became so overrated it sickens me. Did the author’s creativity fall down a cliff? Do publishers think the only people who exist in this world are people who like sparkly vampires?

I am not saying they all should fall into the category of a bad novel. Yet, these days I find myself looking through the internet for books that are not mainstream because they seem so enjoyable (and they are underestimated too!). I even have to think a million times and read millions of reviews before deciding to buy a book. I also notice that not all published books deserve to be published for their horrible errors.

If you do know any book that is not too mainstream or includes sparkly vampires, do tell!

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