A Hub for Writers and Readers Alike

We, readers and writers, are constantly looking for websites that suite our taste and we rarely do find these websites. Here are little pointers to websites I have found and that brought me joy. These websites full of writers and readers alike can create a home for a lonley writer/reader looking for a place to share his/her thoughts.

  • Goodreads.com

A website that has all the recent updates, reviews, ratings and comments of books can prove to be a good book guider for readers. If you are hesitant about a book or even looking for one, Goodreads is the website for you. You can create an account, start making your Reading List, read books, rate them and share your review on them. Maybe Goodreads might be helpful to enhance your skills in reviewing books. Also, you can post your writings there.

  • Untitledchapters.com

Untitledchapters proved to be a home to me where I was able to share my writings and be with people who are like me. Constantly a source of inspiration, this website never failed to encourage me to keep on writing. Worth checking out if you would like to discover hidden talents!

Their mission: “To bring together Female Emirati writers of all ages to come and have a unified place to interact and share their stories with each other and hopefully grow to become better writers. One of our main objectives is to empower Female Emirati Writers & give them a community where they can just be their crazy writing selves.”

I do recommend checking out these two websites. If you have stumbled upon any, do tell me what are your thoughts on them.

Have a good day!

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