Fifty Shades of Grey outsells the author of Harry Potter on Amazon?

Fifty Shades of Grey writer overtakes JK Rowling to become Amazon’s best-selling author ever.”*

While Harry Potter is my favorite series of all time, it is quite shocking to see FSoG surpassing it.  Not because I think Harry Potter should stay at the very top forever, it’s because I see that FSoG has no potential of ever being considered a good read. Others might disagree with me but why not lay out the evidences that FSoG can never be a good book?

It is known that FSoG was previously a Twilight fan fiction which explains the bizarre and twisted relationship between Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey. This relationship that goes beyond my liking and the more I read reviews about the book, the more I am convinced this book is disgusting. Yes, that’s exactly what I think. First, it has no appeal or originality whatsoever. The characters are just so absurd, stupid and have no complexity to them other than maybe mental problems. Second, I don’t see a plot? Give me a reason why this book exits other than the “passionate, physical and daring affair”** between Steele and Grey. Third, “Grey is a man tormented by demons and consumed by the need to control”*** would you ever read a book about a control freak with a mental behavior that does not let Anastasia do whatever she want? I don’t see love sparking between these two, none at all. That’s not even considered romance, he IS forcing her…no she is SUBJIGATED to him. Fully subjugated to him to the extent she becomes this dumb girl with no personality at all and does whatever her Master asks her to and if she says no? Well, she can’t say no to her Master! This is more like: the girl sold her soul to the demon. Fourth, I think the books mainly sold out because of the hate it got. Books either get famous for being loved or hated. In FSoG’s case, it is famous for being hated.

The shelves of bookstores are full of books worth picking up and spending money on. Never waste your money on books that have no potential, or plot, or even good characters. I don’t see FSoG going anywhere to be honest, even if it’s getting movie adaptations and selling over millions of copies. Only extraordinary stories stay eternal, books like FSoG will be forgotten in the years to come.


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2 thoughts on “Fifty Shades of Grey outsells the author of Harry Potter on Amazon?

  1. I really hope it gets forgotten as you say! I’m getting really annoyed by the hype it’s getting. The other day I was at the bookshop and saw several box sets that had been pre-ordered and stacked neatly on the side with the names of the purchasers plastered on them. It’s sad.

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